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Throughout Kane's career, he's had quite a few strange partners by his side.Among them are Daniel Bryan, Rob Van Dam, Hurricane and during the late 90s, his little buddy X-Pac. During a time when no one seemed to like Kane, X-Pac took him under his wing and let him sit with the cool kids at the lunch table.Charlotte spoke in a 2017 interview about being embarrassed about the number of times she has been divorced and people making fun of her for it.Next time you want to make a joke about it, you might want to think twice. He was the crazy-eyed fringe of the Shield and you were a high energy new Diva at the time.You’d always been friendly with one another, leaving open friendship to find a familiar face in the crowd at catering. You, he and Roman would drive together to hotels and you found that you had a soft spot for Dean Ambrose.

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What you might not know about her life outside of the ring is that she has been married two times in the past.

Hogan and The Rock were getting pumped up for the brawl when Kane burst onto the scene.