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Everyone sounds a little bit different, but everyone sounds a little bit different in the south. Why don’t Sam and Sookie really share scenes together anymore? I was the first person to be wrapped up in Saran Wrap! I was just, like, saying, “This is going to be over. Just relax, take a deep breath, and keep going.” That was my brush with death. Do you think the accents on the show are, you know, overblown? When you talk about the Louisiana accent, the people in the north have different accents than the people in Lafayette, which are a little more Cajun.Well, you know, it would’ve been really nice to get an Emmy. I mean, our show is much more than a genre show, because it deals with social issues and it’s really well written — it’s Alan Ball. You wake up late in the morning, and you stay out late at night. It was crazy because it was assumed that I was fluent in French. And production wise it’s really, really rich; we shoot about four pages a day. Dink is one of the funniest, driest people that I knew in New York. We’re going to have to join together, just to survive the flurry. I don’t know.” And then [ executive producer/director] Ken Olin called me the next day and said, “Do you just want to try it out? ” I sat and watched her sing in the booth, which was incredible because she’s very talented. But then I felt like, “Aw, I probably should’ve said I could, because I probably can. I worked on it, worked on it, and we got up there on the day of, and Mandy wanted it to sing it in a higher key [], so the composer agreed to do that and winked at me and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” and I was like, “Oh, god! Music had been part of my life growing up, so my agent asked if I would sing, and I said, “I just don’t sing,” because I was scared about taking that on. I worked with the composer who lowered the key of it to fit with my voice register.

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That being said, you’ve seen the episode, and sometimes these things can come across, and you can lean into things however you want. So whatever happens with me and Rebecca, just the fact that she’s with me, that creates tension, obviously. But Ben didn’t start with wanting to take Rebecca away from Jack. What was the bigger problem here: Jack’s jealousy, or for Rebecca to not tell Jack about her history with Ben? To my character, [Jack] definitely seems a little extreme, a little jealous.

Working with him was a privilege.” And Chadwick Boseman, who co-starred with Ellis in the James Brown biopic Celebrating my brother @Official Nelsan.

Director Daniel Ragussis co-wrote the script with former FBI agent Michael German, on whose experiences the story is based.

How much of that, if any, was designed to get under Jack’s skin? ” It’s a lot harder than that when you have a family. .] If we’re at a five, it goes to between seven and ten.

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When I said, “If he loved you, he’d let you do it,” I don’t think I was manipulating her. All I can say really is that it gets turned up a notch to, if you want to call it, a triangle.

I don’t know how it came across, or if people are going to start thinking I’m an operator. Do you view Ben as an obstacle for Jack and Rebecca’s marriage? And the thing about it is, it’s probably a new thing for that marriage. For Rebecca, there is nothing going on between me and her, so I could understand why she wouldn’t tell him because it just creates tension that doesn’t need to be there, you know I mean?

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