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In the exorcist-themed Χαμένες ψυχές (2000) he played an atheistic crime writer deemed to become Satan himself; played a modest bank clerk who tangles with a Russian mail-order bride (Nicole Kidman) in Το κορίτσι των γενεθλίων (2001); portrayed Sandra Bullock's rookie partner in the crimer Murder by Numbers (2002); and melded beautifully into a number of period pieces such as Περιπέτεια στην άκρη της Γης (2002), Stage Beauty (2004), Άγνωστος κόσμος (2005) and Στον Ερωτα Ολα Επιτρέπονται (2008). People just don't understand you if you speak too fast and most people there think you're Australian. But settling down is not something I can really compute as I've lived out of a bag since I was 17.The dark-eyed, thick-browed, soulful-eyed actor also showed off his transatlantic appeal on stage after making his 2003 Broadway debut in "The Retreat from Moscow" and earning a Tony nomination in the process. Being an actor is well paid but it's a bit like being a circus traveler.Female viewers would also have been left feeling hot under the collar. He shares the same passion for discretion and privacy as his character Mark, and also a magnetic irresistibility to the fairer sex.He has previously romanced a Bollywood beauty, was seduced by Harvey Keitel’s ex and had a fling with Spooks star Megan Dodds.He attended London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama, but did not conform well to the school's program layout and left after his first year to scout out the local theatre scene.A one-time statistician for the London Transport Authority during his fledgling years as a young actor, he made his TV debut in 1990.Chaplin was born Benedict John Greenwood in Windsor, England, where he was raised, the youngest of four children of Cynthia (Chaplin), a drama teacher, and Peter Greenwood, a civil engineer.

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He had a stint at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama but was expelled within a year — before being allowed back in again. The following year he played a servant in The Remains Of The Day and in 1995 a role in the Sam Mendes theatre production of The Glass Menagerie earned him an Oliver Award nomination.

“Not the best kiss I’ve ever had but certainly not the worst.