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If you have any issues using it, please send Admin a message. Now you can leave your comments for each individual webcam.Please be aware that this new module works in the test mode at the moment. March 17, 2018 A new section was added to the site. The Champion team wins a fully sponsored trip to Dream Works USA! is running their 6th nation-wide animation competition this year. After which, these clips are judged by the panel of judges and open to public for voting.The new section address is as follows: February 20, 2018 Added a new button to report a broken (not working) webcam.Taking into account that not all of the webcams transmit all day long, please try and access a specific webcam a few times during the day before reporting it as broken.Setup Webcam Setup Ani Maker Software to capture stop motion The craft papers Before we begin, we learn the theory behind how animation works: persistence of vision.An afterimage continues to stay in the retina for one twenty-fifth of a second.

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Persistence of Vision We begin our paper cutouts after receiving storyboards and template sheets.

It will contain a comprehensive information about various IP cameras (technical data).

Please submit all comments and ideas regarding this new section in the corresponding forum or send directly to admin.

This works pretty much like tradition pencil drawing animation where you need to flip between pages to see how your character should move in next frame.

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Laily Animating Onion skin to reveal what is underlying each adjustment We have 200 over frames for a mere 13 seconds of animation. Any other ideas and suggestions related to live online webcams are welcome.