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04-Apr-2020 08:52

They started this new policy to prevent theft from their retail stores, amongst a few other issues.

That being said, Verizon’s official unlocking policy has not changed.

-For pre-paid T-Mobile plans your i Phone must have been active on the associated account for 1 year or have had 0 in refills since the first activation date if it’s been active for less than 1 year.

Your Sprint i Phone is eligible to be unlocked if it meets all of the following requirements: -Your i Phone must not be reported as lost or stolen.

-Your i Phone must not have a current activation status of ‘blocked” by T-Mobile -Your i Phone needs to have been active on the T-Mobile network for at least 40 days.

-If your T-Mobile plan has a service commitment that commitment must have been served for at least 18 months and your account must be in good standing.

Keep in mind that this guide was made exclusively for people who want information about unlocking Apple i Phones.

If you’re looking for unlock information about any other kind of smartphone, you’ll want to look elsewhere for that information.

-The associated Sprint account must be in good standing.Unlocking makes it as simple as popping in and out a SIM card to switch between these networks.

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