Updating ideas for a wet bar Chat warsaw

21-Jul-2020 17:26

Paint the cabinet high-gloss black to modernize the space and give it an extra shine.”Beyond offering a place to mix drinks, a wet bar can play an important design role in a home with an open layout, linking the kitchen workspace with the entertaining areas of the house.

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This is a really important step if you’re looking for smooth walls. Coat the countertop in concrete and seal that puppy up. …Add a large framed mirror to bounce some light around. Install two pendant lights above the bar for additional light and style. (That’s a whip sound) (which made sense in my head) (but now, not so much) (thanks for sticking with me) (loveyou) So, anyways, I’ve already changed out the faucet handles, reattached the cabinet doors, and accessorized the area as a Phase One step to tide us over until the other improvements are complete. I just didn’t want to overload y’all in one post, so I’m spreading the love.

Save a little bit of room on a bookshelf and let the bottles mix in with other treasures and books.”Even the tiniest wet bar will be a boon for entertaining if you choose the right spot for it.

“It makes sense to fit the bar near the traffic pattern of the party,” says Gretchen Brown, who created this diminutive 3 1/2-foot-wide by 2-foot-deep drinks station using custom cabinetry painted in Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White.

I ended up having to leave them in there and paint around them, which definitely lengthened the process, but wasn’t too bad.

Once I got ‘er done, I decided that the crisp white cabinetry was awesome, but the new color emphasized just how peach the countertops were. Once the side-splashes were off, I decided that I wanted the backsplash off as well. I might’ve considered keeping the wallpaper had it been in better shape.

Again, I followed the exact same process that I used back then, so check out that post if you’d like more details (sorry… An intact roof, plumbing without leaks, a front door that closes. Anyways, the wallpaper was surprisingly easy to remove.

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