Updating delphi 6 personal

09-Jan-2021 12:15

Begin Read; try p Filter Version := Make Long(0, 1); p Filter Desc := 'Eggcentric Filter Loader.'; p Flags := ALL_FLAGS; Result := True; finally FDLLSync. Http Filter Proc(var pfc: THTTP_FILTER_CONTEXT; Notification Type: DWORD; pv Notification: Pointer): DWORD; begin Do Update If Needed; FDLLSync.

Begin Read; try // Check Notification bit to make sure the DLL should be called if Assigned(FCallback Proc) and ((Notification Type and FFilter Flags) 0) then Result := FCallback Proc(pfc, Notification Type, pv Notification) else Result := SF_STATUS_REQ_NEXT_NOTIFICATION; finally FDLLSync. Reload DLL; var Should Reload: Boolean; p Ver: THTTP_FILTER_VERSION; begin FDLLSync.

Begin Write; try // First Determine if we really should Should Reload := (FDLL = 0) or File Exists(FUpdate DLLName); if Should Reload then begin // First unload the DLL if FDLL 0 then begin Free Library(FDLL); FDLL := 0; FCallback Version := nil; FCallback Proc := nil; end; // check for update file, if exists then rename things; if File Exists(FUpdate DLLName) then begin Sys Utils.

Delete File(FBackup DLLName); Rename File(FRun DLLName, FBackup DLLName); Rename File(FUpdate DLLName, FRun DLLName); end; // Now load the file if it exists if File Exists(FRun DLLName) then begin FDLL := Load Library(PChar(FRun DLLName)); if FDLL 0 then begin FCallback Version := Get Proc Address(FDLL, 'Get Filter Version'); FCallback Proc := Get Proc Address(FDLL, 'Http Filter Proc'); if Assigned(FCallback Version) then begin FCallback Version(p Ver); FFilter Flags := p Flags; end else FFilter Flags := 0; end; end; end; finally FDLLSync. Fn_Get Module unit Fn_Get Module Name; interface uses Windows; function Get Module Name: string; implementation function Get Module Name: string; var File Name: array[0..

Get Filter Version(p Ver); except // Dont crash IIS Result := False; end; end; function Http Filter Proc(var pfc: THTTP_FILTER_CONTEXT; Notification Type: DWORD; pv Notification: Pointer): DWORD; export; stdcall; begin try Result := GEgg Filter Loader.

Http Filter Proc(pfc, Notification Type, pv Notification); except // Dont crash IIS Result := SF_STATUS_REQ_NEXT_NOTIFICATION; end; end; exports Get Filter Version, Http Filter Proc; begin end.

Filter library Filter Loader; uses ISAPI2, Windows, Egg Filter Loader; var GEgg Filter Loader: IEgg Filter Loader = nil; function Get Filter Version(var p Ver: HTTP_FILTER_VERSION): BOOL; export; stdcall; begin try GEgg Filter Loader := nil; // Free prev if any GEgg Filter Loader := Co Create Egg Filter Loader; Result := GEgg Filter Loader.

The loader will look for this file and will load it. When you have an update, you change the extension of your new filter to .update.

The loader will look for this file and if it is found, then will unload the file, rename it to .backup then rename the .update to then load the new filter.

Begin Read; try Need Load := (FDLL = 0) or File Exists(FUpdate DLLName); finally FDLLSync.

End Read; end; if Need Load then Reload DLL; end; finally FCheck Sync.Begin Read; try Need Check := (FDLL = 0) or ((Get Tick Count - FLast Time Check) = WAIT_BEFORE_CHECK); finally FDLLSync.

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