Updating album artwork in itunes

27-Jan-2021 18:02

We’re going to be using a free application called Album Art Downloader.

It’s got an unconventional interface, but it works very well.

Do not be alarmed – the application is just trying to save you time.

Since searching through multiple image databases tends to take some time, working in parallel is efficient: While you’re busy sorting through the results of the first search, the other two are already fetching images.

By the time you’re done with the first search, the second one is ready for you. The thumbnails are tiny, but you can click and hold a thumbnail to pup up a full-size version of the file.

You can also drag the line alongside each “tile” to make the tiles larger.

Click “Select all albums with missing artwork”, and then click Get Artwork for Selection.

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Hi, I have burned CDs onto my i Tunes (which include album artwork) these albums artwork do not appear on my controller. Now that we’re all set, it’s time to point Album Art Downloader at our music collection and tell it what it should fetch. The File Browser is a separate window; that’s what’s odd about the Album Art Downloader interface – it uses lots of separate windows that pop up all over the place.

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