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To edit a valid object graph into another valid object graph, you may need to go through invalid intermediate states.

If validity is enforced on every step of mutation, this becomes impossible.

This makes it easy to read in different types of documents without knowing their type in advance. JAXBContext jaxb Context = Instance(package Name); Unmarshaller unmarshaller = jaxb Context.create Unmarshaller(); Validating(true); Item item = (Item) unmarshaller.unmarshal(new File("item.xml")); ...

JAXBContext jc = Instance( "foo" ); Unmarshaller u = jc.create Unmarshaller(); Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); Document Builder db = Document Builder(); Document doc = db.parse(new File( "xml File.xml")); Object o = u.unmarshal( doc ); can validate a document with the schema while unmarshalling.

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A binding declaration can be used to customize the default binding between an XML schema component and its Java representation.The schema for binding declarations is defined in the namespace A binding compiler interprets the binding declaration relative to the source schema and a set of default bindings for that schema.Therefore a source schema need not contain a binding declarations for every schema component.With this option turned on, it rejects anything short of a valid document.

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However, W3C XML Schema validation can be very costly.

These three aspects of JAXB are covered by three separate interfaces.