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Due to its vast geographical expanse and to history of research, the Pre-Dorset is difficult to define.The term was coined by Collins (1956, 1957) who recognised that there seemed to be people that lived in the Eastern Canadian Arctic prior to the Dorset, but for whose culture it was difficult to give the defining characteristics.With many success stories from happy couples in Dorset, we're sure we can help you too.We also run an award-winning dating blog that gives all our singles great tips and advice from a number of relationship experts and lifestyle bloggers.But the Independence I settlement is several metres higher above sea level, and Mc Ghee took this to mean that the Independence I settlement was roughly 300 years older than the Pre-Dorset one at Port Refuge.Indeed, assuming that settlers are always close to the water, because sea levels fell over the centuries, older sites are expected to lie higher above the sea.The Pre-Dorset is generally restricted to the Low Arctic, and given that incursions to the High Arctic are rare, incursions into Greenland from the High Arctic are even rarer.Grønnow and Jensen (20-43) ascribe one small site in Greenland to the Pre-Dorset, the only one to date.

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At this site, Pre-Dorset dwellings are clustered and show no mid-passage feature, whereas the Independence I dwellings are arranged linearly with mid-passage features.Hence, for Collins and others afterward, the term is a catch-all phrase for all occupations of the Eastern Canadian Arctic that predated the Dorset.

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