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Six degrees of freedom also refers to movement in video game-play.

First-person shooter (FPS) games generally provide five degrees of freedom: forwards/backwards, slide left/right, up/down (jump/crouch/lie), yaw (turn left/right), and pitch (look up/down).

There are three types of operational envelope in the Six degrees of freedom. 1- Direct type : Involved a degree can be commanded directly without particularly conditions and described as a normal operation.

These types are Direct, Semi-direct (conditional) and Non-direct, all regardless of the time remaining for the execution of the maneuver, the energy remaining to execute the maneuver and finally, if the motion is commanded via a biological entity (e.g. (An aileron on a basic airplane) 2- Semi-direct type : Involved a degree can be commanded when some specific conditions are met.

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This provides a direct relationship between actuator positions and the configuration of the manipulator defined by its forward and inverse kinematics.(Reverse thrust on an aircraft) 3- Non-direct type : Involved a degree when is achieved via the interaction with its environment and cannot be commanded.

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