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“And we’ve also got two dogs who are girls, so Aaron is completely outnumbered: it’s seven to one in this household! It helps me clear my mind and helps me keep sane,” she explained. “In the art world, the more blue-collar you are, the more you get invited to dinners with ambassadors of whatever, because you’re presumed to be an interesting person,” she said, a bit dryly. I used to work in TV [as a producer], and I enjoyed it, but like a lot of TV people I’d always wondered how it would be to work on a movie.

We talked about her childhood in England, spent on welfare in a “strange, dark, gloomy house that still gives me nightmares,” before she made her way to Goldsmiths art school, where she befriended Damien Hirst and many of the young artists known as the Y. Jopling, Taylor-Johnson’s first husband—an Eton-educated son of a Tory M. I thought this would be my one opportunity, so I said yes.” She adds, “There’s all sorts of fun you can have in a darkened room … But there’s a special thrill seeing what used to exist only in your head and on the page up there on a screen for an audience to experience together.

Worldwide operating profits for Random House, Vintage’s parent company, jumped almost 76 percent for 2012, and every U. employee got a ,000 bonus, which was announced at the Christmas party.

“It was the most joyous Christmas party in the history of publishing,” says executive vice president of Knopf (another Random House division) Paul Bogaards. Well, is about the sexual awakening of Anastasia, and the emotional awakening of Christian—and the way these two trajectories intersect and enhance the other.

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Few women in the world are more self-actualized than Erika Leonard, better known as E. James, the 51-year-old, dark-tressed British author who created a compendium of her sexual fantasies, called the book trilogy (yes, there will be not one, not two, but three movies, provided that the first, which opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day, isn’t a colossal misfire). She’s also futzed with her name of late, after falling in love with Aaron Johnson, the 24-year-old The two were married in 2012, and together they have two daughters, whom Aaron delivered on his own at their home in London. M., those young girls, plus Taylor-Johnson’s two daughters from her previous marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling, a near tween and a teenager, were climbing around her Hollywood Hills villa like macaques on a Hindu temple. “It was move the family to Los Angeles to finish or commute from London,” said Taylor-Johnson, a slender, self-possessed blonde who had dressed in sporty blue shorts and a white T-shirt in expectation of taking a hike.

trilogy—on which she has been building an erotically themed empire—the first-time novelist negotiated unusual control over the hotly anticipated film that hits theaters on Valentine’s Day.

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