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16-Oct-2020 22:57

In my generation we learned those skills from our mothers; even if they worked there were no ready meals, so the poor things had to come home and cook from scratch.But for this generation they are growing up with their mothers who have to be out there at work.They used to leave school earlier and form bonds with older women in the workplace, and the community they lived in was a huge influence too, but now young girls get their influence from their peer group and from celebrities." Going for a cup of tea with an aunt might not completely shelter Britain's girls from the pressures on their young lives, but it can help.If you have nieces, challenges Biddulph, why not step up in their lives, take a proactive role and join the aunties army?After a professional lifetime concerned with how to rear boys – his book on the subject, Raising Boys, sold more than 3m copies worldwide – British-born Biddulph has now turned his attention to girls.

Aunts, whether trendy, maiden or embarrassing, can be fun and feisty, because mums have to provide security and you can't always be both.

And that was the more privileged girls." He has called it an "emotional apocalypse".

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