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29-May-2020 03:55

I started an mailing list, made an introductory screencast series and have been sending Ember content to my dear subscribers on a weekly basis.

I have also written guest articles for Safari Books Online, Air Pair, Firebase and Toptal.

I sent the first few to my subscribers and kept producing them. Once the screencast series was finished, I switched to blog posts and lengthier articles, and in 2014 I committed to posting something of value each week.

Then, after a long labor of (mostly) love, I published the 1st edition of the book in Feburary 2015, that used the then stable Ember version, 1.10. As Ember made progress in a neck breaking pace, I kept the book up-to-date with the actual stable version of the framework, and adding material that covered the new features.

However, its strong opinions and heavy reliance of “convention over configuration” can give developers who are new to the framework a hard time figuring out how Ember wants them to do things.

This book helps to overcome that initial frustration, and help you grok Ember a lot faster, by pinpointing the core concepts and explaining them in detail.

Once you understand them you are on your way to taming and mastering This book -- like Ember itself -- is for teams and individuals who want the productivity boost that comes from shared community solutions. Instead of scouring the web for advice on how to use Ember, read this book.

The book guides you through the steps of building a real application so that you can see how the concepts are applied in practice.

I wanted to spread the word, for people to realize how beautiful Ember is, for them to know that is not that hard to learn.I guess you could say I’m pretty passionate about Ember. Ember Map is the maker of outstanding video series on a whole range of different Ember topics including contextual components, data loading, D3 charts and a whole lot more.

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