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What she believed would be a quiet existence soon turns into one of the most exciting if not horrifying experiences in her life as she deals with a series of murder mysteries over the course of the series.

Over the course of the novels, Rebecca Franck also gets to work with Sune a photojournalist with whom she becomes best friends with.

In his book, The Impossible David Lynch, writer Todd Mc Gowan describes Del Rio's performance with the phrase "the voice as the impossible object." In the nightclub scene, Del Rio is introduced as "La Llorona de Los Ángeles" (Crying Woman from Los Angeles), who belts out the song in a depressive stupor, only to faint onstage while the song continues playing.

Film critic Zina Giannopoulou likens the song's performance and (symbolic) death of the singer as a parallel to the relationship between the two female doppelgänger characters, Diane/Betty and Rita/Camilla.

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But things are never that simple, moving away from the deranged psychopath that is her husband is not the magic solution for her problems.

Characters from previous novels also recur in the proceeding novels with the most prominent character to recur being Rebecca’s ex-husband and her photojournalist friend Sune.

The novels get progressively more chilling as Rebecca gets a better taste for her work.

When we are first introduced to the protagonist, she has just separated from her husband who is suffering from PTSD.

She was writing for a big national newspaper in the big city, but now has decided to take up a job at the local newspaper.

Some of the Rebecca Franck series of novels also have little hints of the old movie classics, which are something of a treat for any horror fans reading the books.

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