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The highest ratios (10 or more) occur in pegmatites.

If the initial amount of Sr is known or can be extrapolated, then the age can be determined by measurement of the Rb and Sr concentrations and of the Rubidium-82, one of the element's non-natural isotopes, is produced by electron-capture decay of strontium-82 with a half-life of 25.36 days.

Alkarb contained 21% rubidium, with the rest being potassium and a small amount of caesium.

Rubidium was discovered in 1861 by Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff, in Heidelberg, Germany, in the mineral lepidolite through flame spectroscopy.

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The name comes from the Latin word rubidus, meaning deep red, the color of its emission spectrum.Zone pegmatite ore bodies containing mineable quantities of caesium as pollucite or the lithium minerals lepidolite are also a source for rubidium as a by-product.Both of those deposits are also sources of caesium.It is the second most electropositive of the stable alkali metals and melts at a temperature of 39.3 °C (102.7 °F).

Like other alkali metals, rubidium metal reacts violently with water.

Because of the bright red lines in its emission spectrum, they chose a name derived from the Latin word rubidus, meaning "deep red". Both potassium and rubidium form insoluble salts with chloroplatinic acid, but those salts show a slight difference in solubility in hot water.

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