Kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

26-Oct-2020 21:39

She became a household name following her first appearance as Selene, the Death Dealer and vampire, in Sc-Fi gothic supernatural film Underworld.As Selene, Beckinsale showed what she was capable of as an action star, but never strayed far from her dramatic roots in The Aviator, and Love & Friendship.Although, like the first movie, little is done with the actual fact that Selene is a vampire.No human is ever bitten, although several vampires bite each other both willingly and unwillingly.

Stillman does a fantastic job of adapting Austen’s dry sense of humor and giving the characters the space to be themselves as he did with The Last Days of Disco, also starring Beckinsale and Sevigny.His character is strictly that of pretty boy, apart from the few times he gets to wolf out.Despite the plot not being important, the holes in it are impossible to ignore. It looks good, as does its star, but underneath the stylish veneer is nothing but an empty shell.Not available on Amazon When Selene (Beckinsale), a vampire, meets Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) after he is bitten by a Lycan, she has to decide if to destroy him, or go against everything she was taught as a Death Dealer, and let him live when she learns he may be the key to either stopping the war between the vampires and Lycans, or the destruction of both clans.

Directed by Len Wiseman, Underworld quickly became a cult favorite amongst genre fans for its quick action scenes, new mythology and Beckinsale’s portrayal as Selene.Further complicating matters is the fact that Markus's father is still alive, although just what kind of immortal he is they don't bother to explain, and he interferes with the course of events as well.