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12-Feb-2021 18:40

He immediately made a point of showing it off frequently.

“Even if he charges , he makes sure to put the card in front of everybody,” Unal says.

’ We just look at each other across the table and crack up laughing,” she says.

When charm fails, flash the card Edward Ip, owner of IT consulting firm IUG Business Solutions, is another cardholder who prefers to be discreet.

I promise you before you can make any headway, you will be asked for signup and/or credit card details.

“He said it was worth it for him to get good treatment at the valet or a bar,” she says.I think that it shows that you are not only responsible with your money, but that you have arrived financially in your life and in your career.”The Black Card as a pickup tool Not all ladies are automatically impressed by the Black Card.