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18-Apr-2020 00:38

Sexting or sending and receiving sexually explicit messages, images, or video on cell phones and social media, is now a disastrous – yet familiar – part of modern life.A recent study revealed that nearly 40% of teens have received sexual images on their cell phone, and 25% admitted to forwarding it to someone else.Dating can be a transformative experience for teenagers because it allows them to learn critical interpersonal skills that can help them cultivate healthy adult relationships.However, teen dating violence is widespread and can lead to devastating effects.For a straightforward application process for the steps highlighted above click here.Note: If you are doing this application on behalf of another person, you will have to demonstrate your relationship to this individual.Is there a special someone who shares a mutual trust and respect?If they’ve already created a strong friendship bond that they’re interested in “igniting” into something more, they may have found a safe dating match.

Experts suggest warning your kids about the dangers of sexting to protect them from unintended consequences.Photocopies or notarized copies of documents won’t be accepted.

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