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18-Aug-2020 09:44

A long-time Homer resident reported a box full of antique medical supplies stolen Tuesday.

Some of the items taken were destined to return to the village of Wiseman, where they were collected nearly 70 years ago.

“Sealed glass tubes I remember seeing in the box with silk suturing thread and a sterile needle,” James explained. These things are well over 100 years old, and the packaging is a little bit rough.” Some of the medications date back to the 1880s.

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V.) (2019) Ice roads through lake-rich arctic watersheds: Integrating climate uncertainty and freshwater habitat responses into adaptive management.

The manual delineates learning and behavioral objectives, materials needed, session activities, scripts for teaching each concept and skill, and experiential community activities.

Facilitators receive a CD with all session materials and additional resources such as DVDs, slides, posters, and games. Click here for information on how to implement in your area.

The first session of each week focuses on participants learning new skills.

The second session centers on applying these new skills in a community setting. Staff attend a 2-day facilitator workshop in person or using distance technology to learn how to deliver program content.

He brought them with him when he left for medical school in 1948.