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18-Mar-2020 10:13

Just so you all know, for various reasons, there’s nothing to be done legally that we are willing to do.My coworkers are lawyers, they won’t put themselves in a position where they could suffer any significant legal consequences.I’ve even thought about telling everyone he inherited a shitload of money, my coworkers are just shallow enough they would consider that a morally redeeming quality.But I know I told one of my coworkers that my fiance was an orphan, so that wouldn’t work, and I’d feel bad doing that anyway.This is a very modern Valentine’s Day story, and one that is only possible in the prestige-obsessed world of Biglaw and a few other similar professions. She’s probably an associate at a Biglaw firm, since she claims to earn a six-figure salary.She’s engaged to a man who works as a barista at a coffee shop.We’re a team, and our team was stronger because only one of us had to forfeit their lives to Biglaw.Despite these benefits — benefits that are obvious and accrue to every man who can afford for his wife to stay at home — my wife was socially punished for career choices.

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My wife’s not a violent person, but if she ever actually met some of the commenters here, she’d choke a bitch. It’s natural to take it personally when somebody is mean to your spouse. These people who are openly or subtly judging you — they’re not your friends. ” Defending him is natural (more on that later), but it’s not necessary and you should never feel pressured to do it. Get your colleagues to start talking about their husbands/wives/partners.

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