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09-Aug-2020 15:26

The largest category in this set were pages that described themselves as “fan” pages or support pages for President Duterte.

They were primarily engaged with promoting content that is favorable to the President.

A large volume of content also promoted the actions of the Philippines National Police (PNP); other articles glorified Duterte’s actions related to the war on drugs.

This content was frequently mixed with content produced by political bloggers and Filipino pop culture videos.

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For example, Ronald dela Rosa is the former Director General of the Bureau of Corrections and will be running as a candidate in May.Facebook highlighted that these assets were taken down for engaging in coordinated and inauthentic behavior, and for misrepresenting themselves — not on the basis of the content that they shared.This takedown includes a set of 65 pages that were primarily engaged in spreading content supportive of President Duterte of the Philippines and promoting a number of Duterte-aligned politicians due to run in the House of Representatives elections, scheduled for May.Solutions to some of the world’s greatest conservation and development challenges already exist in local communities around the globe.

Rare seeks to spotlight bright spots—conservation solutions that use a behavior-centered approach—so practitioners can expand their impact as they replicate proven success.Some pages in this category had been repurposed from support pages for different individuals and movements: the evolution of these pages can be observed by using the “page history” feature.