Dating and marriage books

22-Jan-2021 07:18

And Chapman’s right: The backyard gets clean faster with a compliment than a complaint.

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It’s clear that the Love Languages paradigm is appealing to couples hoping to improve their relationship, but—to me—this book read as if Nicholas Sparks were dolling out marriage advice.So we basically skipped the part where you have to pick a language and have tried to put some of his lessons into practice based on instinct.For example, pulling from the advice for people who need words of affirmation, we’ve worked to practice suspending complaints and instead give compliments and expressing verbal appreciation.That’s one of the most useful and interesting things I learned when I decided to read four of the most popular relationship books on the market.

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I went to the library and took out Gottman’s seminal After poring through these volumes, I got some interesting tips, asked myself some probing questions, and digested a lot of B. that didn’t do squat for my marriage of nearly 15 years. bestseller, this book has become a favorite among the book-club circuit.

Reading about her marriage travails helped me and Nate identify similar patterns in our own relationship and start conversations about things—like how we eat dinner in front of the TV too often or that we tackle problems better when we’re fresh in the A.

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