Dating a nice guy no chemistry

24-Feb-2021 19:46

Here are my questions I need advice with: Should I know by end of date two how I feel and whether I want to see him again or should I give it even more time than that?

Has anyone ever gone on a few dates with someone not feeling chemistry or that spark or attraction but then turned out to marry and be happy with that person?

But, when all said and done, if there's no chemistry there's no chemistry.

I go on a second (and sometimes third) date if I have enough things in common with the guy and if I find him ok-looking.

Or even had a boring date but decided to see where it went and it ended up well for them?

Yes, I've gone on additional dates with people I was unsure about. Going on additional dates is fine and you are not leading anyone on by going out a few more times.

I need advice on whether/how to tell a guy that I'm not attracted to him.

In general, in life, it usually takes me meeting someone a few times before I know whether I'm attracted to them; it's very rare that this hits me right away.

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I really just want to meet a nice, normal man who I feel something for and he feels something for me and I was hoping for that chemistry or spark...

If nothing else, I end up knowing a great person and have a genuine new friend.

I'm a single straight woman, and I'm meeting guys via online dating sites.

His voice also bothered me a bit, I can't explain why but something about his voice...I wasn't too sure if his mannerisms were attractive to me either.

I'm going to go on another date to size him up more and make a better decision.I've heard endless chemistry vs getting to know someone arguments. Some women give a guy 10 minutes and bail if their panties aren't wet, and some wait months before realizing they are a bad match. He kept looking around the restaurant at everything going on as if he has terrible ADD, but he was still able to make conversation.

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