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This involves mimicking an ant, because ants have venomous stings, produce unpleasant chemicals and are generally aggressive.

How is a tall, stocky, eight legged spider with three segments able to mimic a thin, six-legged ant with two body segments?

She studied textiles that reflect diverse cultures and gathered an extraordinary collection from around the world.

Some conservative Christians in the Counter-Cult Movement (CCM) consider the Christadelphians to be a cult.

For starters, the spider lifts up two of its legs above its head to give the impression of antennae. Finally, it adopts the ant’s habit of frequently stopping for incredibly short periods of a 10th to a 100th of a second. Are we seeing here the completion of evolution, a development over millions of years?

Remember, every act of mimicking must work at the same time.

As you can see, the Christadelphians deny some essential doctrines of Christianity, namely, the deity of Jesus and salvation by grace.

Like so many other cult groups that claim to be the restored truth, they have their own interpretations of the Bible that deviate greatly from orthodox Christianity.Christadelphians (the name means brothers and sisters in Christ) form a worldwide community of individuals who try to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

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