Cannot connect to itunes store when updating apps

23-Jul-2020 05:42

cannot connect to itunes store when updating apps-81

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A “cache” is a collection of frequently used files that are stored in such a way that when you go to use them, they load faster than other files do.A lot of different computers and programs do this, from your web browser to your home computer.While it’s rare for the App Store to go down, Apple has a dedicated webpage set up so you can check the status of the App Store and their other services.The App Store is the very first service listed on this page.Software files can become corrupted, which may lead to a variety of issues.First, try resetting all settings, which will restore everything in the Settings app to factory defaults.To diagnose the real reason your i Phone is having this problem, we have to make sure that: If one or more of these aren’t working, it could be the reason why your i Phone “cannot connect to App Store”.

Go to Settings - Wi-Fi and make sure the switch next to Wi-Fi is in the on position.

Unfortunately, cached files can sometimes become corrupted or experience glitches.