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17-Dec-2020 11:36

The third offense in seven years, however small, will be charged as a Category C felony.

It can result in 1 to 5 years in prison and up to ,000 in fines.

Back to top What makes a domestic violence conviction different from other charges like simple assault and battery are the additional legal sanctions, accompanying collateral sanctions, and social stigma.

An arrest for a domestic violence offense such as domestic battery that involves strangulation can prevent you from immediately bonding out of jail, cause a 24-hour no contact provision, and be used against you in divorce or other family law proceedings.

In the past, it was not well-documented and not a forensic priority in DV homicides.

Law enforcement investigators, healthcare professionals, and local prosecutors have not been exposed to this type of training until now.” Domestic violence victims’ advocates have known about the choking hazard for years.

He will treat you with dignity and respect while fighting to protect your rights and your future from a domestic battery by strangulation charge.

At the scene of a domestic violence call, a cop who hears, “Officer, I only just choked her a little bit,” should immediately change his or her perspective about the seriousness of the situation.

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The Institute is led by CEO Gael Strack, Esq., a veteran DV case prosecutor and President Casey Gwinn, Esquire, the former City Attorney for San Diego, a longtime DV prosecutor and victim’s advocate.

Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer understands the law and your defenses to a domestic violence battery.