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The Paleo-diet is not so awesome, says anthropologist.

Guest author: Clemens Our reader Clemens sent me this fantastic ballbusting story.

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Big development plans for the South Valley—a movie theatre and department stores.

In addition to that we collaborated on a couple of hot stories. Cheap shot Under the hammer Owned Slugger Big balls at the beach Two balls one strike The juicer Merry Christmas!

Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (1) Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (2) Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (3) Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (4) Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (5) Train 'im good, Coach! to be continued *** Collaboration with OMBStories is based on an original idea by my friend and fellow author OMBStories.

Family affairs: Daddy's boy *** Collaboration with Nicholas I've been a fan of Nicholas's blog Nuts, Bursts and Ballbusting Stories for years.

His awesome ballbusting stories (whether they are f/m or m/m) are some of the best you'll find on the internet.

Captain's Cradle Captain's Crew - part 1: Monday is gonna be a bitch Captain's Crew - part 2: Three falls Captain's Challenge *** Guest author: Jason Ball Our reader Jason Ball from Brazil (here's his Facebook profile) has sent me a wonderful little story about two young men and their painful encounter.

Matty Steel's pressing situation *** Guest author: Mickey Our reader Mickey from Thailand has written a few hilarious stories about fan favorite Logan's whacky adventures.

Logan's luck - a ball bash beach fantasy Logan's luck - a testicular train trash fantasy *** Guest author: James @Mos Hadron Our reader James (@Mos Hadron on is the author of these hot stories: Friday night at the club Pain train *** Guest author: Harry Our reader Harry has written what may be the best wrestling story I have ever read.

The main character, eponymous stud Rocco, has been introduced in the story House Call.

Our loyal reader Chad Fan came up with the idea for the story, and we co-wrote it, working closely together to create a wild ride full of new, thrilling characters and brutal nut-crunching action.

Brotherly boxing bout: Learning the ropes Brotherly boxing bout: The Alpha twin Brotherly boxing bout: Punching bag More stories written by ballboxing: The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls: Poke Balls War The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls: Use Low Kick Voltron ballbusting fiction: Wounded Lions' Pride Voltron ballbusting fiction: Special Training at the Castle of Lions Voltron ballbusting fiction: Easing the Pain Voltron ballbusting fiction: More than Lion Brothers *** Art by Champ Champ is an extraordinary artist and a good friend of mine. Friendly takeover (introduction for Travis and Ray, February 2010) My arrival The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Planning The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Finding team 8 The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Opening ceremony The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Danny's interviews 1 The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: BOC meeting Music is in the air (introduction for Jimmy, July 2010) Music school: The conception Music school: Jimmy and Alex meet...

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