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27-Apr-2020 16:12

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On the hit MTV show of the same name, hosts Nev and Max try to solve the mystery of "" An episode will always feature the crew confronting the catfish and expose them for who they really are.

As crazy as the whole situation sounds, there really are people out there who catfish.

In fact, having already closed on a house was a requirement to do the show!

A few years later, one of the show's subjects came out and told the world just how scripted the series is -- she claimed that producers tried to up the drama in her episode by making the couple lie about their entire backstory in order make their upgrade to a bigger house seem much more dire and urgent.

Ever since the term was coined in 2011, "Catfish" is a verb that refers to someone who manipulates people online into "dating" them while they pose as a made-up person.

Sometimes it's done just for a joke, but other times there is a more sinister motive at play.

He alleged that the producers would purchase multiple units in bulk and then plant valuable items into the ones that their characters won.

Likewise the producers have been known to egg on the contestants into creating drama, including a case in which a fight between two of the contestants turned into an all-out brawl. The show has certainly evolved over the years; it started off as "the ultimate job interview," in which a group of businessmen and women compete for a job with Donald Trump's company.

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Allegedly the producers of the show run the application process in reverse; the people who are the catfishing actually are the ones who apply to be on the show!

Everything started to change in the early '70s, when PBS first aired in 1973.

This show was meant to be a simple documentary on the average upper-class family, but the filming happened to coincide with the messy divorce of the household's parents.

However, according to David Hester (one of the show's most popular contestants), most of it is staged.

So much so that Hester has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against he show back in 2013.Unfortunately, this influx of viewership has led to an increased push by producers to create drama where it may not already be.

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