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26-May-2020 00:33

We talk often on the phone.’ Perhaps surprisingly, Keaton, now 67, has never married. ‘I think they got to know me and realised, “Oh, jeez, she’s like…”’ She tails off. [She mimics herself] “They didn’t like me,” “Why am I not good enough?‘I remember Woody saying, “Living with you is like walking on eggshells.”’ Why did he say that? ” “I didn’t get the part.”’ I guess that’s why you were so perfect for his films.She has been a blogger at The Huffington Post and a face of L’Oréal since 2006.In addition she is a photographer, singer, author and property developer, renovating and redesigning fabulous houses. ” You’re going to be criticised whatever you do.’ In fact, she is more often praised than criticised.I remember there was a period when I was with him and he read all of Dostoevsky and then all of Tolstoy, he was learning French and playing the clarinet every day.'And look at him now – he’s still making a movie a year.’ Keaton is prolific, too, having acted in more than 50 films while also producing, directing and screenwriting.I can’t imagine marrying now, that’s not happening.'I can imagine a companion, someone who says, “Good to see you, what’s going on? Although she came to terms with never marrying, she could never give up on having children. 'You have less time and you have to think about that.

One gets the impression that, unusually for an interviewee, she actually enjoys talking. ‘I remember watching [the actress] Myrna Loy being interviewed and somebody said, “It’s too bad you’re not married anymore.” And she said, “I don’t want to be married anymore – not at all.” 'And I remember thinking, “How sad, how could anybody come to that?

He becomes a leitmotif of our conversation – she refers to him at least six times, always with warmth.

‘I still love him – there are some people who stay in your life and it matters and they are in for the long haul.

T he only problem is trying to keep her on track as she lunges down conversational side alleys and stream-of-consciousness musings – like this random piece of information when we are discussing marriage: ‘When I was 14 this girl called Leona Kramer told me that intercourse was like going to the bathroom backwards. ” I was in the prime of my life, you’re biologically driven in some way, you can’t help it, you’re an animal.

So I looked at her and thought, “That will never happen to me.” 'But you know what?

Although always pretty, Keaton was never a classic beauty. But I did really try my best to get as much attention as I could to make up for it.’ Today her choice of clothes is still eclectic. True, they don’t exactly match…’ Her fingers are weighed down with knuckleduster rings and in each ear she has three studs. ‘I dress myself,’ she adds, meaning that, unlike many Hollywood stars, she does not have a stylist. Before the words are out of my mouth, Keaton interrupts: ‘Nothing.