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There were problems in the mid-fifties, as in every decade since the real Moses came down from Mount Sinai. The biggest problem in schools was students chewing gum in class. Hence, the overwhelming popularity of every De Mille production released during that period. something which cannot be said of many similar big-budget pictures of the same era. Expect that it will be visually impressive and less "stagy". Polio, the continuing menace of poverty, the material and spiritual separateness of what we called "colored people", Communism, etc. Today, it's students "shooting-up" in parking lots or shooting down their classmates in the halls. After fifty years, "The Ten Commandments" is still impressive visually, dramatically, and especially in terms of the intensity of its convictions (reflected in all the biographies of the principals) . If you accept a sum of money or utilities to complete a task, and then flop, you’ll find yourself in hot water.In the crack game, that may cost you your life; in a business sense, you may too find yourself “in a hole” you can’t dig yourself out of, financially.More importantly, you’ll ensure that no one gets too comfortable. In the drug world, if customers aren’t satisfied, they’ll return to where they bought the product... In the crack game, that resolution won’t be peaceful. Commandment three tells us not to trust anyone, and this is even more poignant when applied to matters of financial obligation or debt. Frankly, there are bound to be times throughout your professional career when you‘ll make choices you’re not exactly proud about.Protect yourself, so that work problems remain in the workplace. If you have a family, spend time with those closest to you. Make sure that these things don’t interfere with work and, more importantly, matters of work can’t interfere with them. In the crack game, a fiend may “pay you back tomorrow.” In the corporate world, a business associate may ask to pay you after a task is completed. Entrepreneurs survive by creating their own paths and, sometimes, you’ll have to cut down others along the way. You’ll operate best when you aren’t forced to watch whose feet you’re stepping on.When I first heard "Ten Crack Commandments," I couldn’t have been older than 12.

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Make sure you “test the water,” so to speak, before handling business this way.See more » At the end of the opening credits, we see a credit which begins; "Those who see this film - PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY CECIL B. and continues in the same style and finishing with: "Based on the writings of (J. Ingraham) and THE HOLY SCRIPTURES" See more » The Prologue and intermission music have been included in the 2004 DVD release.These are taken out on all network TV showings to cut down the length.In Egypt, Moses' fiercest enemy proves to be not Rameses, but someone near to him who can 'harden his heart'. De Mille picked Charlton Heston for the role of Moses because he bore a resemblance to Michelangelo's statue of Moses in Rome, Italy.

Heston later played Michelangelo in Michelangelo - Inferno und Ekstase (1965).There is a sense of nostalgia that accompanies any new viewing of this one-of-a-kind Victorian pageant. He painstakingly produced authentic looking packages in which to wrap his vision -- embellished by the "glitz" of what was, then, the "ideal" Hollywood portrait: Bluer than blue skies; shimmering, jewel-encrusted costumes; out-sized architecture; dramatically convenient thunderbolts; and perfectly lovely female leads, with make-up invariably and predictably un-smudged. more a reverence for time-honored principles than the analytical, ironic, and questioning approach dominant in the films of today. expect, as well, that it will be punctuated with the obligatory mandates of political correctness; an uncertainty about its message; and a healthy dose of Twenty-First Century cynicism.